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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs

Households buying direct from local farms!

An excellent way to increase your consumption of local foods is to join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Participants in CSAs pay farmers at the beginning of the season or in regular installments and receive a weekly box of fresh produce (or even eggs, dairy products, or meat) throughout the growing season. By participating in a CSA, you help farmers defray the high capital costs that occur in the spring. Many CSA farms provide newsletters and recipes for their members and some hold farm events or even encourage members to help out on the farm. Several listed below offer products year round.

CSA info for 2015 Season will be posted by the end of March!

CSA info for 2014 Season

Beezup’s Farm
John & Emily Beezup
29522 Clear Lake Road
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 510-4398

GMO-free, heirloom/open pollinated produce is organically grown on a small-acreage farm. CSA includes weekly recipes and value-added products like honey and wild crafted mushrooms.

SEASON: Early: 4 weeks in May; Regular: 22 weeks, June – October; Late: 4 weeks in November.

SHARES: Early: $80; Regular: $450; Late: $100; All 3 seasons: $600. Monthly payments available. All seasons feed 2-4 people.

DROP SITES: On farm, Veneta Downtown Farmers Market, Tamarack Wellness Center.

Berggren Demonstration Farm
Angela Andre & Jared Pruch
36986 Camp Creek Road
Springfield/Walterville 97478
(541) 510-8888

All CSA members get a 10% discount on other farm products, including our Thanksgiving turkeys. Members also get free participation in our farm workshops and CSA Harvest Celebration in September.

SEASON: 16 Weeks: June – September.

SHARES: Omnivore's Delight: $480 lump sum, or 3 payments of $170. Includes veggies, eggs, meat, and value-added products; Pure Protein: $400 lump sum, or 3 payments of $150. Eggs and meat.

DROP SITES: Pick up sites in Eugene and Springfield, TBD.

Circle h Farm
Sarah Hucka
PO Box 143
Dexter, OR 97431
(541) 937-2413
We are a small, diversified, Certified Organic farm outside Dexter. If you pick-up your CSA at the farm, you can choose your own box items. We also accept SNAP payments for CSA!

SEASON: 20 Weeks: On farm pick-up season, May 19 – September 29; Pick-up sites, May 22 – October 3.

SHARES: On farm pick-up allows you to choose how many items in your share. Full share (8 items): $425; 3/4 share (6 items): $375; Half share (4 items): $275; Pick-up sites receive 3/4 share for $375.

DROP SITES: Wednesdays: Stellaria Building (150 Shelton McMurchey Blvd, Eugene); Thursdays: New Day Bakery (449 Blair Blvd, Eugene) also Oakridge; Fridays: Marketplace@SPROUT! (Springfield).

CK Farm
Craig & Katie Leonard
82571 Greenwood St
Creswell, OR 97426
(541) 914-9675       

At CK Farm we like to do CSA a little differently than most. You can choose from 2 size options and how often you would like a bag: weekly, bi-weekly, or every once in a while. Join for just one season, or all three.

SEASON: Spring Preview: 8 weeks, May 7 – June 25; Summer Season: 12 weeks, July 16  – October 1; Fall Follow-Up: 8 weeks, October 8 – November 26.

SHARES: Small size: $15 per week; Large size: $25 per week. Only small size offered during spring and fall seasons. Summer offers small or large.

DROP SITES: South Eugene, Oakway Center, and Creswell.

Deck Family Farm
John & Christine Deck 
25362 High Pass Road
Junction City, OR 97448
(541) 998-4697

Offering Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Grass-fed and finished heritage beef, milk fed, nut finished, pasture raised, no-soy Red Wattle Pork, pasture raised heritage roasters and turkeys, lamb and goat. Certified Organic eggs. Also offering Herdshare opportunities for our raw milk.

SEASON: Year-round.

SHARES: $425, two 25 lbs mixed pasture samplers.

DROP SITES: On farm pick-up: Monday-Saturday; Saturdays: Lane County Farmers Market.

Excelsior Farm
Jeremy Mueller
Wheeler Road
Dexter, OR
(541) 731-0234

Excellent specialty produce CSA, with free range egg and artisan bread add on options. Shares come with a well written newsletter, vacation credit, and the opportunity to know your farmer.

SEASON: June – November.

SHARES: Produce: $500; Bread: $100; 1/2 Dozen Egg: $60; 1 Dozen Egg: $100.

DROP SITES: Wednesdays at several locations: On farm, Excelsior Inn and Restaurant (754 East 13th Avenue), Whiteaker Neighborhood (Vanilla Jills, 298 Blair Blvd), Gateway Area (Ciao Pizza, 3342 Gateway Street), Workplace pick-up spots (At select locations).

Fair Valley Farm
Scott & Jenni Timms
87010 Muirland Dr.
Veneta OR, 97487      
(541) 525-0806

A year-round pasture-raised meat and poultry CSA. Our pasture shares include a monthly mixed allotment of pork, poultry, beef and lamb. We also offer half shares and chicken-only shares.

SEASON: Year-round, 6 month minimum membership.

SHARES: Full pasture share: $136 per month; Half pasture share: $72/per month; Chicken only share: $50/per month. Please see our website for more details.

DROP SITES: Eugene, Portland and on farm (just west of Eugene).

Food for Lane County Youth Farm
Ted Purdy & Jen Anonia
705 Flamingo Ave.
Springfield, OR
(541) 343-2822

Our urban farm offers a summer leadership program for limited-income teens, volunteer and educational opportunities for community members, and the majority of the produce grown goes to FFLC. Our shares feed 2-4 people and are offered on a sliding scale.

SEASON: Regular box: 20 weeks, June – October; Late fall box: 5 weeks, October – November.

SHARES: Sliding scale, $325-500; Late Fall: $125.

DROP SITES: Wednesdays at 3 locations: on farm (705 Flamingo Ave., Springfield), FOOD for Lane County (770 Bailey Hill Rd.), Downtown Eugene (16th and Lawrence).

"Good Food Easy" Sweetwater Farm
Erica Trappe
83036 Weiss Rd.
Creswell, OR 97426
(541) 895-2951

A year-round produce CSA with flexible membership – join for the whole year or just a month! Our boxes come in three different sizes and have a wide variety, and you can customize your share to meet your needs. We also have a weekly newsletter with recipes, an online store, farm tours and events.

SEASON: Year-round, 4 week minimum membership.

SHARES: Prices per week: Small box, $20; Medium, $35; Large, $48. Limited financial assistance. SNAP/EBT accepted.

DROP SITES: Several Eugene neighborhoods and businesses, Creswell and Cottage Grove. See details on our website.

Groundwork Organics
Sophie Bello & Gabe Cox
P.O. Box 42292
Eugene, OR 97404
(541) 998-0900

Direct from the farm & certified organic, boxes feature specialty and heirloom crops, and lots of berries. Members receive weekly newsletters, vacation credit and discounts a tmarket.

SEASON: Full season: 31 weeks, April 23 – November 19; Main season: 25 weeks, June 4 – November 19.

SHARES: We offer one size share, intended for a family of four. Full season: $720; Main season: $570. $20 discount when paid in full by April 1st.

DROP SITES: Wednesdays, 2pm-8pm from one of eight drop spots in Eugene or at the farm. Portland and Bend area pick ups also available.

Havurah Farm
Jeremy & Clara Sherer
8048 Thurston Road
Springfield, OR 97478
(541) 517-2998

Our broiler chickens are raised on pasture and fed high quality non-GMO corn/soy-free feed. See our Facebook page for events and additional details.

SEASON: 23 weeks: May – October; November: Holiday Turkey (reserve with $20 deposit).

SHARES: Whole Share: 100 lbs, approx. 2-3 chickens bi-weekly; Half Share: 50 lbs, approx. 1-2 chickens bi-weekly; Pay prior to April 20: Whole Share $425, Half Share $225; After April 20: Whole Share $450, Half Share $250. Enrollment closes May 2.

DROP SITES: All shares are delivered bi-weekly on Sundays. Pick-up on farm or select one of two dropsites in Eugene: Friendly Area or Gilham Area.

Helios Farms
Kira Wadman
2077 Skelly South Rd
Yoncalla, OR 97499
(541) 849-2179

We offer high quality, healthy, sustainable, ethical meat and dairy for your family to feel good about eating. Our animals are 100% Soy-Free, and 100% pasture raised.


SHARES: Beef Share: $720 total or $60 per month, approximately 100 pounds; Pork Share: $480 total or $40 per month, approximately 100 pounds; Chicken Share: $300 total or $25 per month, 24 3-4 lb chickens all at once at harvest, or 2 chickens per month; Egg Share: $300 total or $25 per month, 1 dozen eggs per week; Dairy Cow Share: $300 total or $25 a month; Full Farmshare: $220 per month, includes beef, pork, chicken, eggs, milk, plus extra goods when available (fruit, nuts, etc)

DROP SITES: On farm pick-up near Yoncalla and Corvallis, plus pick-up sites in Eugene, Cottage Grove and Roseburg. Please see website for details.

Hentze Farm
Gordon Hentze
30045 Hentze Lane
Junction City, OR 97448
(541) 998-8944 

When you pick-up at the farm you choose your own produce items.  Since 1902 our family has produced many of the fruits and vegetables that you love. CSA members receive farm stand credit. See website for more information.

SEASON: Year-round.

SHARES: Full share: $500; Half share: $250.

DROP SITES: Pick-up on farm.

High Wire Farm
Drew Renault
73560 Abeene Lane
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
(541) 946-3764

Our CSA share includes a mix of seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits, and canned goods. Each share is tailored to your own likes and dislikes. Unlike most CSA's that require payment up front, we offer pay as you go for the hungry and cash-strapped!

SEASON: Late June – October.

SHARES: Single Share: $18, for individuals who cook often or couples. Feeds 2-4 people. Weekly or Bi-Monthly; Double Share: $30, for couples who cook often or families. Feeds 4-6 people. Weekly or Bi-Monthly.

DROP SITES: Mondays: Coast Fork Farm Stand, Cottage Grove; Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat: times TBA; Pick-up locations/times in and around Eugene area will be determined on an individual basis.

Horton Road Organics
Bill Booth & Debra Martin
93851 Horton Road
Blachly, OR 97412
(541) 925-3019              

Our boxes are full of Horton staples - quality salad greens, root crops, and seasonal specialties,and our email news and annual farm celebration connects members to farmers.CSA members also receive a discount when shopping at our market stand.

SEASON: 20 weeks, April – October.

SHARES: Medum size share feeds avg. 3 person household - $450. Limited number of low income shares available.

DROP SITES: Thursdays: on farm, several residential pickup sites in Eugene, and at the Lane County Farmers Market.

L'Etoile Farm
Natalie L'Etoile and Wes Palmer
90609 Poodle Creek Road
Noti, OR 97461

We offer both a “produce only” or a “produce & meat” share. Produce shares receive Certified Organic produce and berries weekly. Meat & produce shares receive Organic produce & berries weekly, and grass fed beef & pastured chicken bi-weekly. We offer monthly payment options, with a 2 month deposit.

SEASON: June – November.

SHARES: Meat & produce share: $135 per month; Full size weekly produce share: $90 per month. Details on our website.

DROP SITES: Saturdays: Veneta Downtown Farmers Market, 9am - 1pm; Friday deliveries available.

Laughing Stock Farm
Paul Atkinson
83601 Territorial Road
Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 345-2186

Our CSA model comes with free-range eggs, fresh pork and beef. Feed grains are grown locally to the extent available, and we strive for sustainable production methods.

SEASON: Year-round: eggs weekly, meats monthly.

SHARES: Pasture run eggs by the month, meat by shares.

DROP SITES: Meats pick-up on farm, eggs at several drop sites in Eugene.

Laurel Valley Educational Farm
Stephen Moore
2621 Augusta St
Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 349-5055

We strive to provide a high quality product while educating teenagers about the value of nutrition and conservation. We are also the closest CSA provider to downtown Eugene and Springfield, limiting food miles and remaining conveniently within biking distance.

SEASON: June 1 – October 1.

SHARES: $350, boxes provide produce for a family of 4. We plan to provide 5 to 10 different types of commodities per week, which will be dependent upon seasonal variance.

DROP SITES: Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays: on farm pick up.

Living Earth Farm
Sharon and Jim Blick
89030 Fir Butte Road
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 683-4635

We are a small, diverse, family farm using organic methods and renewable energy. We have a year-round, full-choice CSA of raw goat milk, pasture-raised eggs and chicken, veggies, fruit and honey. You decide which items, how much, and how often.There is no charge for cancellations, and work trade is possible.We also offer farm tours and classes.

SEASON: Year-round.

SHARES: Full choice subscriptions, pay monthly. Please contact us for price lists.

DROP SITES: Tuesday afternoon deliveries to 4 drop sites in Eugene, or pick up any day at farm.

Lost Valley Education Center
Justin Michelson, Farm Manager
81868 Lost Valley Lane
Dexter, OR 97431
cell (206) 356-0354

We share the surplus from our non-profit educational center. From eggs to nursery plants to vegetables, fruits, some grains and more!

SEASON: May 1 – November, Optional weeks.

SHARES: We notify you by email each Monday about the food products, vegetables, nursery plants, etc. available and the price of each. You pick your vegetables and place your order by Wednesday.

DROP SITES: Fridays: on farm pick-up at our farmstand all day.

Organic Redneck CropShare
Jack Richardson & Sam Ach
44382 McKenzie Highway
Leaburg, OR 97489
(541) 896-3928

We grow well over 100 different varieties of fruits and vegetables: blueberries, melons, kale, beets, herbs, and much more, and our CropShares come in two different sizes. Vacation credit is available.

SEASON: 20 weeks: June – Oct.

SHARES: Early season prices: Large, $425; Small, $315.

DROP SITES: Wednesdays: Thurston area or on farm. We are taking suggestions for possible additional pickup sites.

Skinner City Farm
Jan VanderTuin
Cheshire & Washington at Skinner Butte Park
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 344-8322  

Members participate in growing their own food! No experience is necessary as we work together and grow community. We offer workshops, value added products and more! There is also an easy bike or walk access available to riverside park!

SEASON: Year-round.

SHARES: Sliding scale according to group consensus. Avg. $300 per share plus 3 hours of work per week. Work trade refund at end of season, $4 back per week, up to $200 returned to you.

DROP SITES: Members harvest and divide share each working day (Tue-Wed 5-8pm, Sun 3-6pm). Can be flexible with days and times.

Sweet Home Meats
Daniel O'Malley
39785 Hwy 228
Sweet Home, OR 97386
(541) 367-1127

CSA is the best way to save money, get a variety of excellent meat, and support a local farmer.

SEASON: Year-round.

SHARES: Regular Share: $432, 60lbs total, 10 or 20lbs per delivery; Half Share: $240, 30lbs total, 10lbs per delivery; Custom Share: Pick your meats in 5lb increments.

DROP SITES: 1 time per month minimum (more when drop site corresponds with Farmers Market) Portland, Oregon City, Corvallis, Albany, Eugene and Sweet Home.

Telltale Farm
Tatiana Perczek
92460 River Road
Junction City, OR 97448 
(541) 409-9722

Everyone in our CSA program can customize their share. Both our Summer and Winter CSA's include heirloom fruits and vegetables, and our winter program features wildcrafted mushrooms.

SEASON: Summer: April – October; Winter: November - March.

SHARES: Small: $18 per week; Medium: $28 per week; Large: $44 per week.

DROP SITES: We deliver for free anywhere in Eugene or Springfield, Monday through Friday.

Turnip the Beet Farm
John Ludwig & Lela Copeland
79128 Territorial Rd
Lorane, OR
(541) 214-8657

We are a small, diversified farm dedicated to growing delicious food for our community. Our shares offer a fresh selection of organically grown veggies, fruits, and herbs harvested the morning of delivery to ensure the highest quality. We also have weekly newsletters and farm parties!

SEASON: 22 weeks: June – October; extended season also available.

SHARES: $495-$550 depending on sign up date, or two installments of $275. Shares reflect the abundance and diversity throughout the season.

DROP SITES:Wednesday afternoons at Noisette Pastry Kitchen, corner of Broadway and Charnelton. Home or work delivery also available.

Up & Down Farm
Scott Buttinghausen
756 W. Broadway Alley
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 434-9127

We employ solely organic materials and practices to offer a cornucopia of edibles, plus a weekly newsletter to keep your mind as well-fed as your belly.

SEASON: 30+ weeks: early/mid-May through mid/late-December.

SHARES: Regular: $18 per week (1-2 people); Larger: $28 per week; Discounted seasonal pre-payment option.

DROP SITES: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: on farm and near west downtown Eugene; Saturdays: Hideaway Farmers Market on East Amazon.

Wages Family Farm
David Wieldt
37718 Upper Camp Creek Rd
Springfield, OR 97478
(541) 746-6707

Reserve your meats early to ensure availability! We offer a flexible delivery schedule and locations.

SEASON: Year-round; Whole broilers: April – October; Lamb: November – March.

SHARES: Whole fryer chicken (4-5 lbs): $10 deposit, $3.65/lb; Whole-lamb (25-35 lbs): $50 deposit, $6.15/lb carcass weight; Half lamb (12-18 lbs): $25 deposit, $6.50/lb carcass weight. Lamb cut to your specs.

DROP SITES: On farm; Chicken drop: Mondays in Springfield, TBD; Lamb drop: Eugene or Springfield, TBD.

Whiskey Creek Organics
Jesse Madden
08530 Duncan Island Rd.
Mapleton, OR 97453
(541) 902-5133

We're a family farm growing Certified Organic fruits and vegetables that provide your family with delicious, quality food. Family is why we're farming!

SEASON: June 13 – October 13.

SHARES: Full share: $525; Half share: $315.

DROP SITES: Fridays: HWY 101 and 6th in Florence, 4-6pm, parking lot of Old School Furniture.

Winter Green Farm
Linda Davies
89762 Poodle Creek Road
Noti, OR 97461
(541) 935-1920

We are a certified organic farm, using biodynamic methods, in our 23rd year of CSA. Our weekly BLOG includes weekly recipes & cooking/storage tips. Visit our annual events, potlucks & hayrides to tour farm. Organic grass fed beef shares available. 

SEASON: 19 week season: June 10 – Oct 17; 24 week season: June 10 – Nov 21.

SHARES: 19 week season: $500; 24 week season: $690; Half Share: 10 Full shares, delivered every other week, $264; Half Share: 12 Full shares, delivered every other week, $340.

DROP SITES: Tuesday: Cheryl St., Alder St., Patterson St., Jefferson St. in Eugene, W. Fairview Dr. in Springfield; Wednesday: Winter Green Farm Stand, W. 18th Ave. & Polk St.; Friday: on farm pick up, also Rosewood Ave., Taylor St., High St., Monroe St., W. 20th & City View in Eugene; Saturday: Veneta Downtown Farmers Market, 9-1pm.