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Hentze Farm
Gordon Hentze
30045 Hentze Lane, Junction City, OR 97448
(541) 998-8944,

Hentze Farm has provided our local communities with a wide variety of quality farm products for more than a century.

Farming Practices: No Certifications. We use both organic and synthetic fertilizers, organically approved pesticide sprays, diverse crop rotation, cover crops, and integrated pest management. Chemical pesticides are used only when necessary. We do not spray the edible portion of the plant. Animal Husbandry: Our animals are not confined. We practice management intensive pasture rotation. The feed is sourced from our farm, other local farms, and a regional distributor. Our animals also enjoy fruits and veggies from the farm.

Product Categories: Traditional and root vegetables, berries, orchard fruits, eggs, beef, lamb, pork, poultry, nuts, grains, root vegetables

Extended Season Products: Apples, potatoes, meat, walnuts, and frozen fruit

Value-added Products: Snipped and cut green beans, husked and cut corn, pitted cherries, cracked walnuts

Desired Customers: Individual consumers at farm stand, individual consumers at market, subscribers to CSA program, people interested in touring our farm, chefs, grocery stores, institutions, distributors/processors

Selling at: Our farm stand; FARMERS MARKETS: Lane County

Products Available:

Orchard FruitsBerriesTraditional VegetablesRoot VegetablesNutsBeefLambPorkPoultryEggsGrains

Apples (U-Pick)
Beans (green) (U-Pick)
Beets (U-Pick)
Blackberries (U-Pick)
Boysenberries (U-Pick)
Broccoli (U-Pick)
Carrots (U-Pick)
Cherries (U-Pick)
Chicken Eggs
Duck Eggs
Goose Eggs
Gourds (U-Pick)
Loganberries (U-Pick)
Marionberries (U-Pick)
Peppers (U-Pick)
Pumpkins (U-Pick)
Raspberries (U-Pick)
Squash (summer)
Squash (winter)
Strawberries (U-Pick)
Tomatoes (U-Pick)
Turkey Eggs
Zucchini (U-Pick)

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