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Polyrock Ranch
Deborah Mattson, Nicole King
84402 Territorial Highway, Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 485-3359,

Local, fresh, and completely raw - our Jersey milk is outstanding! Grass-fed Beefalo/Angus sold hanging weight. Polyrock Ranch is devoted to education, conservation, diversity, and humane husbandry.

Farming Practices: No certifications. Animal Husbandry: Our animals are confined only 2.5% of the time. We use management intensive and seasonal pasturing practices. Our animal feed comes from what we grow on our farm, with additional minerals and salt.

Product Categories: Dairy, beef, rabbit

Extended Season Products: Available year-round

Desired Customers: Individual consumers at farm stand, people interested in touring our farm, chefs

Selling at: Our farm

Products Available:


Cow's milk

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